M.E.G. design and create prosthetic make-ups, special make-up effects, creatures, realistic animals and animatronic characters, specialist models, miniatures and props, puppets as well as costume props and costumes.

It might be a flawless replication of the human form; an old age character make-up; an animal such as a gorilla, a sheep, a bird; or some fantastic alien creature that defies imagination. Whatever the case, M.E.G. uses the design process to bring ideas together, producing amazing visuals of characters and creations that they then bring to life.

Their team of designers, illustrators and sculptors can conceptualise ideas via sketches, artwork and illustrations, Photoshop and Zbrush computer designs, or three-dimensional maquettes and sculptures. They work in conjunction with filmmakers to come up with believable and innovative designs that best communicate the requirements of the script, story and characters. M.E.G. can design from scratch or from a supplied concept or thumbnail. Their repertoire of design includes anything from the ultra realistic to the fantastic, the bizarre and macabre, to the cute and cuddly.


M.E.G. specialises in and has earned a reputation for excellence in creating high quality prosthetic make-ups and special make-up effects.

Prosthetics can be made using a wide variety of materials, such as foam latex and silicones, that are applied, blended and coloured to a performer's skin to change their appearance, both structurally and cosmetically. The talents and skills of sculpting, mould making, fabrication processes, painting and hair work are paramount when creating prosthetic appliances to produce a character or make-up effect that is believable on screen.

Special make-up effects can be any creation such as a bleeding hand, decapitated head, severed fingers and limbs, bodies, or a realistic brain model needed for that all important autopsy sequence. Often times, these make-up effects are required to happen “in camera”. In each case, M.E.G. spend valuable time carrying out detailed research to imbue their creations with as much realism and detail as possible.

Masks can be custom fit to a specific actor or can be more generic, depending on the requirements of the production. Masks are usually static slip-on creations made to accommodate situations when a production does not require the precise and intricate nature of prosthetic appliances and animatronics. Costs are often reduced, and on set application times can be cut down dramatically.


Animatronics is the art of replicating the animation of an organic life form or mechanical object. M.E.G. utilises a wide variety of materials and technologies in the construction of their animatronic characters.

Materials such as fibreglass, machined metals, cables, radio servos, actuators and electronics, are all utilised in constructing the animatronic mechanisms they create, hidden beneath their characters skins. These skins, usually foams, silicones, synthetic elastomers and urethanes, are what create the external look of the character or creature, while the animatronics are the internal mechanisms that make them move and come to life.

Animatronic creations can be puppeteered live on set, programmed for repeated performance, or a combination of the two. M.E.G. produce everything in-house and spend valuable research and development time to stay on the cutting edge of animatronic technology. This ensures their character’s performance is expressive and features a broad range of movement.


Whether it is sculptural organic characters, spaceships, robots, weapons, buildings, vehicles, or oversized models, M.E.G. uses a variety of processes and materials in the design and construction of their models, miniatures and props.

Woods, plastics, fibreglass, foams, urethanes, aluminium, clays, paper and various other materials are transformed into three-dimensional models using detailed plans, sketches and artwork, either to any miniature scale or 1:1.

Should it be a miniature building, arctic ice flow or any miniaturised landscape, M.E.G. can create any detailed model to fulfil the productions shooting needs. This creates much versatility for the director during shooting and gives an opportunity to change angles and set-ups without any extra cost to the production.

From simple hands-on techniques, to sophisticated computer CNC milling or 3D printing, M.E.G. employ all the latest materials and techniques in their creations. Remembering, one of the most important aspects of any model is the overall aesthetic detail and artistic finish, regardless of the technology employed to produce it.


M.E.G. design and fabricate costumes, puppets and masks, utilizing an array of new and traditional techniques and a variety of materials that best satisfies the requirements of each individual project.

Costumes can be anything from sculpted and moulded body armour to organic skins or fat suits that change a performer’s proportions or distort the human anatomy. Most commonly, these are slip on creations and are not glued to the actor as body prosthetics can be. These types of special costumes can be sculpted out of clay and moulded, sewn traditionally, carved foam construction or reproduced in many materials such as vac-u-formed plastics, fibreglass, rubbers or anything that works for the design and application. The performers comfort and flexibility is paramount during all stages of construction.

Puppets can be a human, animal or cartoon character, that can be “brought to life” using the skill of a puppeteer’s performance. Puppets can be manipulated using a combination of traditional low-tech “hand in sock” techniques, a rod or marionette approach, or can employ the most sophisticated animatronics to control the character’s expressions. Either way, one of the most important aspects of using puppets is the way the character’s performance is conveyed.